Boom Burger

Jamaican Burger restuarant in the heart of Notting Hill.


Expect burgers with Jamaican flavours.

Joshua de Lisser is self-confessed burger mad. Having eaten his way around the world (and London) in burgers, JoshyBOOM feels his hard graft in research has paid off in creating the best burgers. Back in February 2014, Josh de Lisser’s BOOM Burger graduated from a Jamaican barbecue pop-up in the Earl of Portobello in North Kensington to a full-time storefront a few streets away in Notting Hill. The burger? A thick beef pattie, complimented with red onion, tomato and melted cheese, in a lightly toasted brioche bun was very juicy and richly flavoured. It came with a healthy serving of de Lisser’s signature bacon jam. Duppy Share Cocktails are a great addition ensuring even more Jamaican vibe.

The Halloween special they have on is hectic, with spiced pumpkin. It’s hard to say but we enjoyed it more than their classic BOOM Burger, if you go there you have to have it out of principle. So hurry before its removed from the menu! Another special to look for is the Pork Belly & Pineapple Burger, that’s right Pineapple. It is outstanding.

Plantain fries are an amazing side, along with the sticky wings but make sure you try the seasoned mayonnaise, you will want to ask for tub to take home. It’s in bottles on every table. Pick it up. A very good burger experience. Prepare to be BOOMed. It says boom burgers and boom tunes on their logo for a reason.

Portobello Road 272
London W10 5TY England GB
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Mon-Fri: 08:00-17:00 Sat-Sun: 09:00-17:00