Proof that a chain restaurant doesn’t have to serve substandard rubbish.


A chain burger that’s actually good

We are usually very suspicious of burger chains. They either serve up bland, uninteresting food or they’re just plain bad. An exception to this is Byron, a chain of burger restaurants all scattered throughout London. When you arrive, the usual torturous task of choosing the right burger hits home. Some options include: Classic, Cheese, Byron, and Chilli.

Every time we visit Byron we just have to go for the namesake itself, and the special at the time. The current special is the ‘Run Rarebit Run’ a 6oz Byron hamburger, dry cure bacon, english mustard mayonnaise, pickled cucumber, red onion and shredded iceberg with Head Chef Fred’s rarebit blend of Byron Pale Ale and Byron’s Hot Sauce which gives it a nice little kick and Vintage Cheddar its so more-ish and it really overpowers the taste in such a good way. A great twist on the classic bacon cheeseburger.

Fred and his cheese just keep on winning, his previous conception of ‘Freddar’ cheese on last month’s special classed as a “hamburger that thinks it’s a hot dog” is also still available on a more standard brioche bun and is still packed with flavour and just as good but unfortunately the summertime jalapeño slaw, we couldn’t get enough of is no longer on the menu but they’re aiming to bring it back so keep an eye out!

If your not a member already you should really sign up to the Byron Burger Club this will get you the chance to win tickets for free burgers and have preview tastings as of upcoming specials, so we suggest you sign up!

Byron is neat. With an art-deco vibe to the decor, Byron is light and airy, and most of the restaurants feel comfortable enough spend a significant amount of time in. The staff were welcoming and polite throughout and the service efficient.

Although not perfect, Byron is proof that a chain restaurant doesn’t have to serve substandard rubbish.

Orange Street 2
London WC2H England GB
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Check opening times on the Byron website, also check for each individual contact number if you are phoning ahead to book.