DF Mexico

Outsiders call it Mexico City. To those in the know, its Distrito Federal.


Bursting with flavour.

If you’re familiar with Shoreditch and Brick Lane, DF Mexico sits in one of those spaces typically used as a temporary art gallery, the space is bright and vibrant. When you get seated for some still unknown reason to us the waiter will attach a key with a skull and crossbones to a latch on your table. Anyone?

On entering DF Mexico you’re greeted explaining how it works. The self service till on the bar is easy to work and the drinks get served right there while you order. If you’re new to the place, and have any allergies or particular requests, perhaps just shout of a human and have them take your order. As the self service machines don’t seem to allow you to note this.
If your vegetarian go for the sizzling mushroom DIY fajitas, they’re great –

Our pick of the menu was the Pork Pibil Torta. Cooked to perfection, succulent in flavour, packed inside a lovely bun and with complimenting ingredients to make EVERY bite enjoyable. Spicy, fresh, lots of different textures, incredibly messy and you will definitely need several napkins. The chilli fries side are powdered with a secret array of herbs and spices, which leads to disappointment when you realise you’ve finished them all. DF (Distrito Federal) Mexico provides a hearty, incredibly tasty burger for just over a tenner. It’s also a sister restaurant from the same people who brought us Wahaca, although DF/Mexico has a totally different feel to it.

DF Mexico has has a self service ordering system and you pay for the food and drinks as you order. If you are working or just in a hurry and need a quick bite to eat this is perfect as once you have finished you can leave without having to wait to pay the bill. The burgers are delicious, plentiful and great value. Service is quick, nice, and because of the ordering and payment system everything is done at the beginning so there is no waiting for the bill at the end of the experience.

Tottenham Court Road 29
London W1T 1BU England GB
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