Dip ‘n’ Flip

Burgers dipped in gravy in a simple-yet-stylish dining room.


24hr Beef & 3-Day Veal Bone Stock Gravy.

You can find Dip & Flip right across South London in Tooting, Wimbledon, Battersea Rise and Brixton. Since the burger scene exploded in London a few years back, we were all spoiled by the incredible and diverse selection that arrived from all sorts of innovative burger joints. Dip and Flip added an extra twist to the scene, gravy.

Specialising in the French dip, cooking up 24-hour beef & veal bone stock gravy, paired with shaved roast beef sandwiches, and huge dippable burgers. A completely delicious and gravy-soaked way of serving a burger. The depth of flavour at Dip & Flip is mouthwatering, and you will always want more. You must add on green chilies, cheese and bacon! The cheese deserves a huge mention here, it cuddles the meat and clings to the fries.

It’s so good to see a burger joint get something so right.

You can also find Dip ‘n’ Flip at the following locations

  • 62 The Broadway, Wimbledon, SW19 1RQ.
  • 115 Tooting High St, London, SW17 0SY.
  • 64-68 Atlantic Road Brixton SW9 8PY.
Battersea Rise 87
London SW11 England GB
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