Rox Burger

Bringing truly special burgers to London.


An amazingly cosy, intimate, rustic burger venue.

We finally tried Rox Burger, many months after it was first recommended to us – now we wonder why we waited so long. An amazing little venue, it is very small but hidden away up the spiral staircase is a great area that you can hire out for a small party.

You can’t go wrong here with the Rox Classic Burger. You have a choice of top quality beef or free range chicken – we had beef – and we were asked how we wanted them cooked, always opt for medium-rare, the seasoning on meat is something Rox Burger does so well. The buns are thick brioche, soft, sweet and don’t fall apart in yours hands.

The burgers are served in baskets wrapped in plain greaseproof paper for easy eating, with cutlery, ketchup & frenchies mustard on the tables – you can’t go wrong with Frenchies but adding it to this burger just seemed wrong. Its a really nice touc hto have the kitchen so open and you can see the care going into each burger directly from the Chef.

The burgers here aren’t messy, but have huge meaty explosions packed with flavour – the presentation here is second to none.

The staff deserve a special mention, absolute stars. If you are around South East London you would be hard pushed to find better than this!

Lee High Road 82
London SE13 5PT England GB
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Monday: 5–10pm Tuesday: 5–10pm Wednesday: 5–10pm Thursday: 5–10pm Friday: 12–11pm Saturday: 12–11pm Sunday: 12–10pm